Manna Outreach and Resource provide the mechanism whereby human service agencies can work together. We provide services such as education, consultation and information to individuals and Families who are not afford outside Services professionals. Our providers, enable us to meet needs of clients. Equally important is outreach to individuals who need services do not seek traditional clinic-based services due to a multitude of factors. Outreach is a key component in providing effective supportive services to individuals and family guidance for planning, managing and evaluating outreach resources and programs to meet goals and priorities.
Mana Outreach and Resource services include a wide variety of activities: consultation (case, program and administration); community education; information and referral; community organization; outreach; and program development.

Manna Outreach Services is defined as:

Expanding and/or enhancing the abilities of agencies and other groups and individuals promoting and/or reducing the at risk or severity not identified as clients receiving services Manna Outreach Services resources are allocated in a manner reflecting current priorities. Specifically, emphasis is given to activities on behalf of: the severe groups at high risk unserved or underserved ethnic/cultural/isolated populations; and the general population.


Overview about Manna Outreach and Resource is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing support services to low-income families, seniors, and disabled in form of shelter, clothing, workshops, seminars, and other empowerment programs. We help in essential basic need service and national resource assistance.